An open letter to my inspiring friend Kaye

“Dear Kaye,

I am writing you this letter and I’m not sure where to start, but you are bloody awesome! You have been and still are one of my biggest inspirations, but above all, you have become a friend. For me, friendship is very important and I want the world to know how special you are to me and others.

So I saw my friend Sian having this rad blogphotos and I was so blown out of this world. The photography was amazing and it really told a story – it still does. It was then when I got a bit obsessed with your photography to be honest and your talent for making such awesome photos, inspired me so much. Little did I know back then, that eventually we would become friends.

As if fate wrote it, we were in the same Instagram pod, although my Instagram is not worthy to be in it haha. But to see what photos you make and post is just amazing. You are so amazingly talented, oh my days. Like I said, it’s hard to take pictures. Even harder to do it professionally in my opinion, but you do something with photography that I’ve never seen before. Photography is all about stories in my opinion, but when the photographer adds to that story by creating emotions, feelings and circumstances. Wow. Just wow. And that’s exactly the reaction I had when seeing your photography. – If I ever going to live in the UK, which will probably happen, then we need to make arrangements buddy!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading your blog and I really got emotional reading your latest blogpost about Cystic Acne, I was really moved by your story. You gave me an insight in your struggles and it really made me only more aware of how inspiring you are. (you can read that blogpost here). Not only was the content of that post very inspiring, I’ve had a look at other blogposts and you have a great talent for writing. Everything you wrote left me amazed and wanting to read more and more. Your writingstyle is very engaging and it feels like you wrote it for personally. And that is an amazing thing to have, be assured of that!

But what I’ve experienced first hand over the last days, is the fact that you are one of the most lovely persons on this planet. I’m so glad our paths crossed and I can’t stop smiling because of it to be honest. It may be because of less happy circumstances, but I’ve got to know you a bit better over the past days and you continue to inspire and amaze me. You are an angel on this planet and everyone I speak to and knows you, is so incredibly positive about you. You strengthen us dear Kaye, you make this world so much better by shining your bright light on it.

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No matter how big the struggle
No matter how deep your lows
You are as strong as rocks
Your love for things does cut all badness
You are the sun in the darkness
When you will grow into this star you are destined to be
All problems will perish, like snow in front of the sun
When you make the choice to shine again
the clouds will vaporize and
You will shine like a star, a sun, a diamond

You are so uncommonly kind, lovely and supportive. You speak so much sense and I’ve really noticed how intelligent you are. It’s amazing to talk to people who can talk about several topics. Not only are you very intelligent and well spoken, but I could easily talk about rubbish for hours with you. You are so witty and make me laugh so much. Sometimes I just see your tweets and I’m in stitches, you are hilarious buddy!

I feel at ease and very comfortable talking to you. It’s amazing to have a friend who symbolizes the very friendship you always wanted to have or looked for. I think I’ve found that friendship in you, dear Kaye. Please never change, please keep on being brilliant you. You are so amazing and I’ve already have a place in my heart for you. You make our lives better and more complete, keep shining you beautiful diamond!

Your Dutch Pal,


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  1. maart 2, 2017 / 10:47 pm

    Marc, your open letters are always so lovely and thoughtful! Not to mention, they're beautifully worded too. This was soooo sweet to read and I'm heading over to Kate's blog now to have a read and show her blog some love too 🙂
    Tasmin |

  2. maart 18, 2017 / 2:01 pm

    Oh thank you so much Tasmin! That really means a lot that you read them 🙂

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