Clikd Dream Internship in London

London. One of the most vibrant, alive and busiest cities on the planet we live in. There’s so much to in the English capital and it’s amazing to go out with your significant other or with your group of friends to have an amazing time. Yet, the people living in London are quite lonely. There live and work over 9 million people in London, but 33% of the inhabitants of London regularly spend their time alone over the weekend. Which makes London one of the loneliest cities in Europe. Clikd had made it their mission to change that rather depressing statistic and they are looking for a blogger!

“Clikd is a new dating app which celebrates creativity and individuality. We are launching in a few weeks so exciting times ahead. But have we made a dating app that works? Well, we want you to help us put it to the test, with the clikd Dates & Mates Internship. We need you, our intern, to be our very own human guinea pig. But hey, its a pretty good gig — where you get some pretty sweet perks (check out below). At clikd we believe in doing things differently and having fun, so you can bet we will have some great events, gigs and parties lined up for you.” – Clikd

The job: 8 weeks, 8 dates/nights out, with 8 people, 8 blogs
  • Sign up to the app and go on 8 dates/nights out with people you have clikd with.
  • Write a photo/video journalistic report about how it went the next day. 
  • Work a minimum of 1 day (7 hours) a week.
  • You will be paid a London living wage. 
  • Gain work, dating and startup experience. 
  • All dates, nights out and gig expenses covered. 
  • Potential of a permanent role with clikd on completion of the internship. 
  •  Chance to pimp up you friendship circle, and possibly even meet your life partner.

Skills: communication skills, content creation, content writing
Is this something you think you might be interested in? Are you up for it? –  For more information click here

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Clikd



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