Review: Baseball24

Disclaimer: This post was made in collaboration with the developers of the app Baseball24. My opinions and views of the app however, are entirely my own.

I love baseball, maybe that’s something new to you. But there’s something about baseball that really is awesome and entertaining. But because of the time differences with America and Japan, I not often get to see all of the games. Sometimes I have other obligations, so that’s when the app Baseball24 comes in handy for me!

The app is free to download on the app store on an Apple devide or an Android device. The app is structured and quite simple to use. The simplicity of the app doesn’t make it any weaker, it just makes it’s stronger in my opinion.
If you are a fan of American sports, baseball in general or have some bets running, the Baseball24 app is what you need! I already had something similar on my phone, Flashscore24. Where Flashscore updates me on a different sports, Baseball24 updates you on all the baseball games you need to know!

The app’s home screen with all the games being played on that day.
This is how the live games screen looks like
You can select a game you want to follow. The able enables push notifications, so that you can see your favourite teams pop on your phone and follow the game as close as possible!
You can also add your favourite teams and follow their live games, their past games, their fixtures, standing and their form.
What makes this app one of the better ones to follow baseball, is the fact that you can follow all the competitions and not just the MLB. This makes the app very complete and a great app to have as an avid baseball fan.
In the live screen of a particular game, you can absolutely see a lot of information about the game. It’s very cool and gives you a great digital matchday experience.
I’ve made a little video review going through the app:
I like the app a lot, for several reasons. I already used similar apps for other sports, so it was like coming home for me. It’s very easy to use, so you don’t have to search of the endless options and stuff like that. If you are an fan of baseball it’s something I would definitely recommend, but it’s more about scores than it is about team news. It’s about scores and statistics, not so much about the story behind it. For the regular follower of baseball this is amazing and you can easily keep up to date with all the scores and fixtures. It’s great that you can also keep up to date with more leagues and countries.
I would love to see the lay out being more appealing to the eye. It’s all very cold right now and I think people could really make it work more if they would look into it.

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