Supersonic – Oasis Documentary | Documentary Review

Oasis. Simple. Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite band of all time. It breaks my heart every time I think they are not together anymore, but it also gives me a sense of pride and joy that I’ve lived to see them live – Yes, I saw them live and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit aroused because of that particular gig.

In my opinion the band has not only thrived of their musical talents. To be fair there are better, more technically gifted bands out there. But the charisma, character and personality of the individual band members is what made me feel so excited. They are just like normal lads from across the street and it’s that fact, that makes you identify with them. At least I did. And that combination of music, lads and personality, is amazing and Supersonic reflect my feelings.

The documentary starts with Liam Gallagher spitting out one of his famous quotes: “Oasis was like a Ferrari. Great to look at. Great to drive. And it’ll fucking spin out of control every now and again.” What I love about the whole documentary is that they give you a look into the person behind the success. They give you a feeling that you start to get to know those lads. You can really identify with everyone, even with Liam Gallagher. You get to know the early history of the Gallagher boys, their relationship with their father and the beginning of their music. It gives you a more complete picture of the complexity of the Oasis band and the sudden rise to power as it were.

I guess the media has focussed too much on the arrogance and habits of the Gallagher brothers over the years and director Whitecross does a fine job not letting the foresaid take over. The documentary is a soap of arguments, genius inventions, coming and leaving of band members, fight with the media and quotes. Thank god for the fact that there’s a lot of attention for the music as well. In my opinion this saves the documentary and makes it brilliant.

The mother of the Gallagher brother has a prominent role in the documentary and it adds to the story of their background in Manchester. She gives the boys a bit more of a human face. The style of the documentary says a lot to me personally. There’s this interview style with the persons involved and in between you got pictures and footage from the past, which makes the documentary a very nostalgic one. I can only imagine how it must feel for the people who actually went to the gigs back in the nineties. It gives me goose bumps.

It’s a nice combination of funny moments, vital and defining situations and explaining difficult breaking points. It amuses the audience and what I really liked about it, was that they chose a particular path for the documentary. The story is focused on the build up to the massive Knebworth concerts and focuses on the rise and stagnation, rather than the turmoil and fall of the band. I love that direction, because I think we should celebrate the successes of the band, rather than focus on the negativity. Especially in a documentary.

Having said that, one of the storylines throughout the documentary is the strange relationship between Liam and Noel Gallagher. It’s what hold the band together and what made it so strong, but it’s also the reason what drove the band apart. You can see little signs of it, signs of vulnerability. We all know Liam claims to be god, but he is portrayed as an emotional human with feeling, just like Noel and the rest of the band.

I could tell you so much more about the documentary. It’s personal. I love the music, the Mancunian accents, the clothes, the behaviour, the lads and their connection with football. It makes me long for a reunion and see Oasis blow my mind over and over again. It gives you an idea how music was made and distributed back then. It gives you perspective of the whole situation with Liam and Noel.

The story of Oasis is amazing, not only because of the kids’ dream made reality, but also because of the flamboyant personalities and great successes. I would recommend giving this documentary a go, even if you don’t like Britpop. The visual approach is brilliant and makes this one of the best music related documentaries I’ve seen.

Just like Liam said: “It was fucking biblical man.”


Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do | Music Review

So, I’m going to get all adventurous and write a few words about music and in Taylor Swift’s music. There seems to be enormous media attention to her new released single and esthetic, and rightly so, but I also feel that there is huge amount of both negative and positive publicity. I’m going to talk about my experiences with Taylor Swift and how I’ve perceived her transformation over the last years.

Yeah, I know! I’m quite surprised myself that I’m dedicating a whole blogpost to an artist which is not even a favourite like Oasis or Arctic Monkeys, but somehow Taylor Swift intrigues me, she is ridiculously interesting. She’s interesting to me because she puts a lot of herself in her music and that’s something I really rate about artists. Also she’s not afraid to admit her own shortcomings and that’s pretty cool if you ask me. Now this isn’t some kind of obituary or song of praise, nor do I intent do talk about the whole Kanye-Taylor situation, because to me that isn’t important to how I perceive her music. It may have influenced her music or her actions, but it’s just a fraction of what is her personal touch to her music, that I think is important.

All the events that occur in your life do influence your words and actions obviously, and knowing Taylor as I do (and with help from from my girlfriend), symbolism plays a great part in her music, but it isn’t everything in my opinion. Everyone enjoys and perceives music differently, and my intention is not to create a division. Not at all, I don’t want to talk about the Kanye/Kim situation or what has happened regarding the sexual assault case. I’m not saying this isn’t important for Taylor or for her fans, but for me it doesn’t really make a big difference, because I can still appreciate her music. Besides, many others have written about the personal experiences above and I feel my words wouldn’t add to that side of dialogue.

Okay enough codswallop, the music is central to this post – at least that’s what I try to tell myself. Taylor Swift has always played a part in my life, whether I liked or not. My sister and father have listened to Taylor from the beginning and were raging about her for years, so it’s only natural that I have some sort of understanding of her music. Not her background per se, but her music. She started a very young age with music which evidently lead to a few things that have caused discourse in the music industry. In my opinion it’s only natural that the music of an artist that starts that young, will grow and change over a period of time. The transformation of Taylor Swift from American Sweetheart to the strong, independent woman she is right now, has created many fans, but also quite some haters.

The Song
The first thing that really comes to the eye (or ear lol), is the fact that the song is quite different in several ways. It has this darker vibe and this become stronger to the fact that the words spoken in the song are pronounced very distinctive. The song has a kind of electro beat, which is very catchy and gives the feeling that you are engaging with the artist in my opinion. Without going too much into symbolism, because I know little about Taylor’s in depth life or albums, it’s also something many people will identify with. The song is dark and gives that sort of feeling that everyone has different phases in their life. Reflection on your life is needed and Taylor is being honest in that respect, brutally honest and admits to her own flaws and imperfections.

But with this song, she even takes it a step further. In a way I feel like her transformation is complete and that all these years before, were in the making of. She was dealing with the process, which is pretty cool if you ask me. There’s one little segment of the song that tells me that this is what she wants, and that this is what her transformation is:

“I’m sorry, the Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Oh, why? ’cause she’s dead!”

For me this is something quite awesome. For me, this means that the new Taylor has been born and that her transformation is complete. Again for me this something that many can relate with, because everyone has a moment in life where you go to some form of transformation and I think this song illustrates this perfectly. This song has the perfect balance of being a modern pop song with electro elements in it, yet feel the soul of Taylor in it. However, it was just good as it is, I’m afraid some songs in the future will overdo it on either side of the scale and that would be a terrible pity.

The esthetic
Black. There’s something profoundly meaningful and powerful about wearing black. I’ve been told numerous times that this is what Taylor is going for and although I don’t see it as of yet, I think this will be cool. Black creates no illusion, you have to make your illusion, which I think only helps with creating a original and personal experience with the songs Taylor writes/wrote. It gives you the room to experiment with your thoughts and feeling, channeling into Taylor universe.
I can’t help shake the feeling that she’s going to be savage and the esthetic is perfect for that, but then again, I’m no Taylor Swift watcher.

The Album
So there’s going to be an album and this has created concerns with yours truly. Like I mentioned before, I think this song is perfect, but I’m scared the album will consist of songs that go over the top. I really hope not, but I think this is a real possibility. Yes, Taylor Swift has a variety of different songs on every album she has produced, but that gives me a few concerns as well. Solely because of the fact that this song is pretty great, how will she keep that style and personality in the other songs as they will be different? I haven’t got a clue, but one thing is certain. It’s going to fucking interesting and I think it’s going to be wild.

Why this song made me ‘come back’ to Taylor Swift
To be honest over the years Taylor Swift wasn’t special for and nor was her music. It was decent, fair enough and she’s talented, but that was it for me. She wasn’t outstanding and I couldn’t see that special vibe everyone attached to her. I really couldn’t be bothered with her personal life, as that isn’t relevant to me. All I care about is her music and that wasn’t really special to me, it was good but nothing out of the ordinary.
This new song however, changed a lot for me personally. Not only do I think this is a brilliant career move, but I also respect her a lot more. I understand her previous work more and more, which makes me start to understand that special person she is in the music industry. Which is pretty cool actually and I will follow her work more closely from now on, and I hope it will be as kick ass as the newest song!

What did you make of the new song? Do you like it? Let me know!


Becoming a journalist | Career

Taking the right path to your future is something I don’t really believe in. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter which path you take to your future or your goal, but get there. I honestly believe that it doesn’t matter how you reach your goal provided you don’t do anything illegal or immoral, as long as you reach your goal. This is of great value to me personally as well, because I’ve struggled with my career choice for a long time and for the first time in years, I can clearly see what goal I want to achieve and I’m thoroughly happy with it.

When I started uni a few years ago, I was convinced that I was destined to become history teacher. It just seemed logical: I love history, I love talking and I love helping people. But during that degree I discovered that my passion of writing kept coming back and I had no idea what to do with that recurring feeling. So what did I do? I neglected that feeling, I ignored and lied to myself that it wasn’t important to listen to that feeling. Let alone act on it. So I just kept buggering on and finished my years. I changed university, and changed again. I studied history and I’m doing an Arts & Culture degree now and something very strange happened to me. I had no idea what I was destined to be and the only thing I knew for certain is that I wanted to write.

So the question I kept asking myself for the past year was the following: Okay, you want to write. But what do you want to write about and in which capacity? I suppose I was and still am rather good at writing papers, essays and academic pieces, but I am not sure if that is where my passion lies. Not yet anyway. So the keyword in life is passion, I think. What makes you motivated and inspired? What makes you go that extra mile? What keeps that fire within in you, burning with desire and passion? This might come as a shock for some of you (okay naturally, I’m joking), but football is one of my biggest passion, arguably the biggest passion I have.

I have been working with my local professional football club for some years now and it really makes me happy. My role within the club is to work with and in press & communication, which is something I love doing. I write pieces for the website, magazines and occasionally for other stuff as well, and that experience has made me more keen to write more of these pieces. I have thought of becoming a journalist before and in particular a sports journalist, but I was thrown of by some nasty comments by others. They said I couldn’t write, had no feeling for the business and no capacity or quality to work within this niche. Fair play, that is there opinion, but I was devastated at the time and that has been my fault.

Listening to others, instead of believing in myself has been something that has stopped me from doing the things I like and love, in the past. But not anymore. I really want to be a journalist. I want to write about football and other sports. I want to write about history and politics. I want to write about art, film and music. I want to write in both Dutch and English. And for the first time in my life, I have been 100% sure of my career choice and path. I’m not limited by the opinions of friends, family and strangers. I’m going for my own happiness and that’s the way it should be.

I have no idea where it will lead me or how I will get to my ultimate goal of being a published journalist in print, but I’m a journalist and I’m proud of myself!


The Crown | TV Review

Just a short statement before I start, I was so excited to write about The Crown. So, if I am biased and overenthusiastic, that’s the reason. As an Arts & Culture student and having done History degrees, I’m quite sceptic of costume dramas. For one particular reason: the historical accuracy. I’ve often seen series or films where I was thinking, this is just not how it went back in the day. While different historians debate about some events or dialogues in the series The Crown, it’s one of the most accurate historical series I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.

The acting is brilliant. The thing I personally like about The Crown is that it’s focused on the quality of dialogues. There is little distraction from the scenes, so it the speaking part has to be good. I’m not going to highlight every single actor in the show, but some do deserve some attention in my opinion. Claire Foy is ridiculously talented and does Queen Elizabeth II justice in this series. I saw her in Wolf Hall as Anne Boleyn, incredibly gifted actress. At least for this genre.

Before I started watching the Crown, I wasn’t to sure what to expect from Matt Smith who is Prince Philip in The Crown. I was entirely biased of course, as we all are when we previously seen a film or series with a particular actor. For me was Doctor Who and it was so weird to see him portraying Prince Philip. That changed after the first 10 minutes of episode one, he surprised me with his acting and it’s the chemistry between him and Foy that made The Crown more outstanding than I anticipated.

I loved Victoria Hamilton as the Queen Mom and Jared Harris as King George VI. They were great in the series, especially the role of Hamilton was portrayed so well. It’s not easy to play the coldness, yet emotional vulnerable mother of the Queen. The role of Winston Churchill worried me a bit, because John Lithgow is American. I don’t know, but I didn’t like the idea of an American playing Churchill, but he surprised me. He did it very good.

It was an outstanding performance from everyone and what I thought was rather special, was the following. The individual qualities of the actors is fantastic, but the collective was what made this show – and the next season(s) I hope – so great to watch.

This series has not only been about great acting, but also about creating understanding and educating us about society, the British one in particular. We have this idea of the monarchy and in particular the people who are royal. Our collective memory is different than the reality and The Crown attempts to not only change our perception, but also let’s us think about life. I think that’s really brilliant.

We have also had this idea about the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. It’s very biased and clouded by our contemporary judgement, but this series tries to be more open about a certain way of live. Both negative and positive, that’s the feeling I got at least. The royal family is first and foremost a family. Families do have internal struggles, so does the royal family and the show learns us that it’s incredibly difficult to have to make a decision between what’s good for your country and what’s good for family and in extent, love. It tells us the struggle of a family, the difficulty of life and the changes everyone had to endure over the years.

I loved the actors, the acting, the almost accurate historical events and the way they portray the monarchy. It started as an over the top, very posh and expensive Downton Abbey, but the series ended as some kind of Sopranos in Buckingham Palace. Bring on season 2!

Have you seen The Crown? What did you think?


August | Monthly plans

I’ve always been this terrible chaotic person and that’s just the way I am, I suppose. I’m trying to invest into a more well documented and structured lifestyle, with a little help on the side. One of the things that may help me is to be reflective of my months. To make reflection on the past month a bit easier, I want to document my plans at the beginning of that particular month. Because we are almost halfway in August, this month will be less busy or occupied.

  • Meet with friends more, hang out
  • Have quality time with my girlfriend
  • Go for a coffee with my sister 
  • Zomerparkfeest – Dutch summer festival in the park
  • Go to 5 football games of my club VVV-Venlo vs. EVV Echt, NEC Nijmegen, Sparta Rotterdam, FC Twente and Ajax Amsterdam
  • Try to play tennis, fitness or run once a week
  • Read 4 books: The Pursuit of History by John Tosh, When China Rules the World by Martin Jacques, William Marshal by David Crouch & The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky
  • Finalise everything for my 2nd year of my degree at university
  • Properly review Gorillaz’s album Humans
  • Watch Game of Thrones season 7
  • Clean my room
What are you up to this August? I’d love to know!