I love and hate making playlists

I can’t live without music, yet I have no idea how to find new music from time to time. Music is a part of my personality and as my personality changes, the music I listen to changes too. There’s no real logic to what I listen to, I only know that it’s influenced by my mood. But other than that, it’s total anarchy.
The consequence of that is that I never have a good playlist, when I want to make on. Because I’m a mood listener, I tend to listen to the songs I feel like listening at that particular moment. This could be anything depending on my mood. It could be Oasis or Asgeir or N.W.A. or Beethoven or FIFA playlist. Those artists feel so random, but I guess that’s how you can define my music taste: it’s totally random. Or you can look at it in a more positive manner and say that I have a very broad taste in music. Are you drooling yet?
This seems like it’s all fun, but there are situations where I detest my inability to choose music. When I need to make playlists for parties – as if I have so much parties LOL – or just playlists because other people ask it. But mostly, because I want to make a monthly playlist. I really want to make a playlist every month, but I usually encounter two specific difficulties.
Number one is that I tend to listen to the same music over and over again. It feels like home, it’s ridiculously comforting to hear the same songs, for some reason. Number two is that I never know beforehand what I want to listen to. Hence the most random playlists. But making a playlist is difficult for me as well, because I try to predict what my mood is in the next month and to be honest lads, is there anything more difficult than predicting your mood?
So I was trying to make a playlist for this month (July 2018) and I had no idea what I wanted to hear or felt like listening. I’m a huge mood listener, so that was a difficult thing to do. But instead of what I thought I was going to feel in relation to my mood, I wanted to make a playlist of how I wanted my mood to be in the next days and weeks.  I felt like getting a more positive vibes, songs that make me feel better or help me feel better. They are songs that I can sing out loud and actually know the lyrics to. To look forward to a better and more positive time is a good thing in my opinion and with the songs to reflect that, I can feel my mood lifting a bit already.
But it definitely didn’t make it easier to make a playlist though. I still find it hard, but I do know that I enjoy it more now. This method makes it more enjoyable for me and I don’t feel frustrated all the time when making – or trying to make a playlist. Here’s my July 2018 playlist:

What have you been listening to lately?



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