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Reading is amazing and it’s part of my daily routine. Whether I’m reading books, reddit, online articles, the paper or papers for university, I tend to read a lot. I visited my Goodreads profile and I’ve noticed that I read quite the books this year already and I wanted to share some of the books I’ve reading lately, because I feel like they reflect my interests at this moment in time. I feel ridiculously excited to talk about books, it’s truly brilliant.

Mythos – Stephen Fry
My uncle rang me up and said that I needed to read this book. Well, usually that means that he has some really interesting nonfiction book by an illustrious author. Imagine my surprise that he mentioned the name Stephen Fry, who I know to be a famous comedian, actor and mental health advocate. Nonetheless, this has been one of the best books I’ve read in some time. Fry tells the story of different Greek myths and does in it in a way that it’s both understandable and enjoyable for different reading audiences. He’s very thorough in telling the stories, but it never gets boring or overdone. I love how he draws parallels with contemporary values and that really makes this book worth the read.  Greek mythology can be hard to grasp but Fry has found a very intriguing way to talk about these classics. However, sometimes I felt it was kind of too much of a laughing matter and the story became less of a priority. Another thing I thought was kind of remarkable was the fact that he didn’t mention Troy at all. Obviously he has his reasons for it, but for me personally it felt really weird. It felt like this book wasn’t really finished without the Troy saga in it. I didn’t really miss it as it the book was great in itself, but I feel like this could have been even better with Troy in it.
I’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson

You know when someone recommend you a book – or several books – and you have no idea if you are going to like it or not? This was exactly my thought when my girlfriend recommend me this book. Usually she recommends the best books, so I trusted her completely. However, everyone has a different taste in books, so I kind of excited and hesitant at the same time. If you know, you know right? This book was really amazing! This book taught me a lot about different types of love and how they are applied in our contemporary society. I wasn’t sure what to think before reading it, but this book was almost magical and the characters really made this book come to life for me. I love how you follow the twinbrothers Jude and Noah, and how they both tell a different story of love, relationships and discovering.
On writing – Stephen King
My girlfriend gifted me this and it’s one the most motivating books I have read in a while. Stephen King talks about writing in this book and it’s really inspiring to read about his thoughts or how he shares his own personal experiences whilst writing. This is not your go to book for instant advice,  but it depicts a kind of reality of what it means to be a writer. I thought the process of writing in this book was particularly good. I had some difficulties writing lately, but this book gave me a newfound appreciation of writing and my own work as well. I feel so much more motivated and inspired in both writing and my life in general. I would definitely recommend this book and I feel like it isn’t the last time that I’ve read this book. What a gem.
“Belief in succes” – Dirk Kuyt
Something about never meeting your heroes? I usually think that’s a bit extreme, but this book left me no other choice than thinking that. I’ve not actually met Dirk Kuyt, but I’d rather not have read this book. The former professional football player describes a bit of a strange relationship between him and his last club Feyenoord, and I’m not so sure what to think of it all. The topics spoken about are very interesting, but I can’t shake the feeling that it’s spiteful. Kuyt seems very egocentric and it certainly has rekindled my enthusiasm for the person. I loved the player, but I wasn’t happy with this book. This wasn’t what I expected of the player and I can imagine that many Feyenoord supporters want to distance themselves from the things said in this book.
De val van Oranje – Pieter Zwart
The ‘fall of Orange’ is one of my favorite football books out there. We are not taking part in the World Cup after missing Euro 2016 too. How did we as a great footballing nation, become so bad at qualifying for major tournaments? Zwart’s book on the fall of our national team gives some kind of answer to that question. He looks into tactics, key decision making and Dutch culture in relation to football, which I think is a great angle to view football from. It draws on the fact that we are old-fashioned and in order to succeed in the future, we must look at technology more as well. I think it’s really interesting to read about this, because it gives some fresh insights and perhaps might bring more open discussion on how our football should be constructed. It’s not that this book gives the solution and some things are a bit far-fetched, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
The rise and fall of Communism – Archie Brown

This took me quite some time to read, because it was quite intense! SO MUCH INFORMATION. It was such a good read if you want to know more about communism and how it manifested itself in different part of the worlds during the 20th century. Personally I don’t agree with the political ideology and how it has been portrayed throughout the decades, but I thought this was really interesting to read about. No ideology is perfect and to read about this particular one, I’ve learnt a lot about people and how political systems works in different ends of the world. If you are looking for a light read, I guess this isn’t the best option. After each 30 pages I needed to do something else, because there’s a lot of information and I needed some time to process it all.

What have you been reading lately? Let me know!


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