5 football apps & websites to analyse matches

I’m really into football and I love following it as much as I can. I used to watch a lot on the television and then went to a lot of football matches myself over the past few years, because I enjoyed the overall atmosphere in the stadiums and grounds. Now I find myself interested in different things like tactics, analyses and formations. So that’s why I listed my top 5 apps and/or websites I use to make an analysis.
Transfermarkt (Transfermarket) is a German website and app which functions as an information source for both professionals as fans, and provides a lot of information on players. The app is in German, but you can easily browse through that as the app speaks for itself. From basic information like height and which foot they prefer, to information about their career and statistics on their played games. To illustrate how the app works, I’ve taken Internazionale player Stefan de Vrij as an example.

You can look into his basic statistics. He’s a central defender and his preferred foot is right. You can also see where he comes from and his actual market value. He has played 36 games for his national team. In this season, he has played 6 games so far, scoring 1 goal. He also gave 1 assist and got 1 yellow card. These are just a few statistics you can see on the website and app.
Onefootball is an app that gives you a lot of live-updates. There’s Flashscore and Livescore, but they are not as detailed as Onefootball, because Onefootball gives you an update when formations are ready as well. But the coolest feature is the fact that you get numbers offered by Opta. You can look at the percentages of headers won or the numbers of long balls you’ve played in a particular game. From the data provided you can definitely make a more in-depth analysis, rather than just make a plain one like every gambling site does nowadays. If you want a live score app combined with interesting data, Onefootball is the one.

StatsZone quite possibly is my favourite app at the moment. I’ve been interested in numbers a lot and this app not only provides that like OneFootball does that, but it also works with great visuals. If you are looking for placement of the shots on targets, the defensive play or the way the passing is constructed, StatsZone has got you covered. It’s the most complete stats app for me, that also gives you a visual of what your team is capable of and where it needs to improve. The stats are offered by Opta, which means that you get the same kind of data as in the OneFootball app. Only this app hugely improves the numbers with visuals.
In the visuals above you can see the shots of one team (VVV-Venl) in a game. It’s not a lot, as you can tell, but it tells you different things. They haven’t had a shot on target. Two shots were blocked and one shot went wide. The other visual gives us the passing map of PSV. They made 593 passes of which 519 were completed. You can also tell that they passed a lot horizontally. This is why I like this app, it let’s you see the story
Sharemytactics is a web app that allows you to create the line-ups of the teams you do prefer. I know that there are several apps and website doing that, put sharemytactics has several advantages. You can name the players, you can manually move the different positions, you can save them to their database and the most important thing of them all; you can give the players several directions.
This is one of the line-ups I’ve made after seeing the game PSV – VVV-Venlo two weeks ago. You can add the opponent as well, which really makes me happy. Now you can make an in-depth analysis of the games using the tactics and formations of both the teams, which is better than just previews, in my opinion.
Whoscored is a really complete app and website, rather well known as well. You can see loads of statistics and numbers, and I don’t even know where to start. But two things really interested me about the site, that others perhaps didn’t have to offer (or not as detailed as Whoscored does). The first things are the heat maps. I love a good heat map, don’t I.
Schermafbeelding 2018-10-09 om 22.44.59
Again, the PSV – VVV game (VVV is my club, sigh) and you can see how the movement of both set of players were and how the touches are constructed in the map. When you keeper has the most touches, you probably are having difficulties with coming out of defence. When a team has a lot of touched on the opponents half, they are probably controlling possession of the ball.  I think this is great.
What also really appeals to me, is the way you can look at the different positions a team is attacking. Which side is used the most and which one is avoided? If you are attacking mostly on the left side, your players on the left will be good and/or the players on the opponent’s team on the right side, might be not that good at all.
Schermafbeelding 2018-10-13 om 12.51.33
These are the most important apps and website I use to analyse football matches. I tend to focus more on the Dutch Eredivisie, as my team VVV-Venlo is playing there. But I love to watch any game and looking into formations, tactics and overall numbers of play, is something joyful for me.
*I’m really glad the international break is over. What a load of bollocks*


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