Favourite football songs | Part I

Football is a lifestyle. It’s not just a game of 90 minutes. It’s about passion and devotion. It’s about heroes and tribes. Loyalty, commitment and faith. That’s what football is all about in my opinion and music is an integral part of it. In this series I want to talk about the best football songs (in my opinion) and why I think they are amazing. Here are the first five.

1. Jeff Beck – Hi Ho Silver Lining

One of the first teams I visited in England was Sheffield Wednesday. Besides the great ground of Hillsborough, the amazing nickname the Owls, the rivalry with Sheffield United and many other things, the song played will never leave me. Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday was sung on the tunes of Jeff Beck’s Hi Ho Silver Lining and it always takes me back to the ground of Sheffield Wednesday.

2. The Proclaimers – Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith is forever connected to Leith and in extent of that Hibernian FC from Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s a heartfelt song, a very emotional song. It doesn’t very positive or upbeat, but being a fan of Hibs isn’t either. It’s about enduring and perseverance. And, after years of waiting and patience, one will be rewarded. Just like the winning the Scottish FA cup in 2016. Watch the fans sing it here.

3. The Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over

The first time I visited Selhurst Park a few things caught my attention. I think the fans of Crystal Palace are un-English, they seem like being Italian fans. I don’t mean anything negative by that, but they are different to other fans in England in my opinion. The other thing was the song that was sung after each goal scored. I couldn’t make it out at the time, but later I figured out that it was the song by The Dave Clark Five  Glad All Over. I have various opinions about Crystal Palace, but the song is a tune.

4. Antonello Venditti – Roma Roma

I have a thing for Italian football, and for AS Roma in particular. They have a great anthem called Roma Roma by Antonello Venditti. It’s another emotional heartfelt song and especially before the game against Barcelona last year, it was very emotional. Above you can see it sung in 2017, but here you can see the 2001 edition after AS Roma won the title.

5. Höhner – Mer stonn zu dir, FC Kölle

Growing up close to Germany made it quite easy to go out and watch football in the first 4 tiers of German football. FC Köln was only an one hour drive, so we visited that frequently and their anthem always gives me goosebumps. It feel so harmonious and joyful. Every song that is sung by thousands of fans sounds great obviously, but this has a magical ring to it.

These were the first 5 of my top football playlist. What are you favourite football songs? I would love to know!


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