Visiting the Qualification tournament of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam

I’m a big fan of visiting sports events. The logical thing for people to assume is that I only care about football, but that is not the case. Perhaps that’s what I do love and visit the most, but I do care about other sports as well. At the beginning of February, I visited a tennis tournament in Rotterdam, the city I live in.

The city that I live in organised a professional tennis tournament each year called the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament Rotterdam. This is one of two professional tournaments in the Netherlands that qualifies for the ATP tour. I’ve visited other tournaments before this one and also had visited this particular tournament, but it’s always nice to go a tournament in your own country.

My girlfriend and I really wanted to go to this tournament. It was her first live-in-action tennis tournament and I could not be more excited about going. D’ya know that feeling that you are ridiculously excited about a passion of yours and get even more excited when your friends or significant other takes an interest in it? Well, raise the thing, because that’s how I was feeling!

So I was really excited to go there with my girlfriend, but I was also really excited of the prospect of going to a qualification tournament. I can hear you thinking why didn’t you go to the main tournament? I think it’s mainly because the main tournament is very pompous and that I didn’t have the time to visit during the week. People have to work and go to school, it makes for a rather stressful situation otherwise. Furthermore, the price of a ticket during the qualification tournament is far less than during the main event, and I’m not scared of a bargain, aren’t I?

I paid €10,- for a ticket to get in and for that amount of money, you could stay at the venue for the whole day. We decided to watch two single matches and although it wasn’t the main event, the matches were of great quality. You could see it in the attendance that it was the qualification tournament, but I didn’t mind that at all. In fact, because it wasn’t the main tournament, more tennis-invested people visited and that’s what I thought was pretty cool.

I would definitely visit a qualification tournament in the years to come for several reasons. It’s quite cheap and you have a nice day out. You also can see some less famous players and see how good they really are in comparison with the top-seeded players. It was a fantastic day and the tennis bug has caught me once more.





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