What the hell am I doing with my social media?

Social media

Social media. The digital world – and some would say others worlds as well – are dictated and consumed by this form of media. I think that the most of you that read this post, do have accounts on different types of social media. I know I have. So I wanted to have a little chat about all the social media out there, how it makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes and which social media I’m planning to use in 2019 and beyond. Bekijk bericht


The next chapter of depression


2019 has started an although I don’t like to set goals or have specific intentions because of the new year, I do feel that in the coming 10 to 12 months I want to get somewhere with my life. I realise that this is quite vague, but hear me out. I want to improve my lifestyle and with it comes the attention to my mental health. Mental health is just as important as ‘normal’ health, but there’s one thing I particularly find important about my mental health and that’s turning to the next chapter regarding my depression. A better chapter. Bekijk bericht


Battles with compulsions

Struggling with mental illnesses has been a harsh reality for me for several years. And that’s okay, But in battling and fighting against my inner demons I forgot to treat one particular mental illness: OCD. By not giving it attention and thought it didn’t affect me as greatly, I now have a hard time with controlling and managing it. Bekijk bericht


Quality times with coffee

Sometimes I feel like the world is so fast paced, that I’m being lived rather than living my life. I think it’s quite important to regularly have some time to reflect on our lives and have some quality time with our loved ones. Recently I’ve been subject to the importance of such quality time and I’m starting to appreciate that more and more. Well let me rephrase that. I’m always appreciative of quality time, but now I’ve started to appreciate coffee more. It makes it better. Bekijk bericht


Life update: I moved to Rotterdam

We’re halfway through September and I’ve not blogged yet this month. I’m terrible at blogging these days, but I’ve also been quite busy to be honest. All this has to do with the fact that I’ve moved to Rotterdam and it has been awesome so far. Bekijk bericht