March playlist: getting work done

I’m in the midst of writing my thesis – yes, I’m still all about that life – and one thing that always keeps me going is music. I used to hate making playlists, but now it’s one of my favourite self-care things to do. And, it keeps me motivated and inspired to keep buggering on with my thesis. Bekijk bericht


I love and hate making playlists

I can’t live without music, yet I have no idea how to find new music from time to time. Music is a part of my personality and as my personality changes, the music I listen to changes too. There’s no real logic to what I listen to, I only know that it’s influenced by my mood. But other than that, it’s total anarchy. Bekijk bericht


‘I need to educate you’

*If you don’t know of this picture, I promise you, you will not like this post*
So, yeah. How am I going to put this. You all know me as the supportive and kind person, but I can be quite annoying too. With a passion. I’m a big fan of books, music and films. Just a subtle warning; when we become mates, I will ‘force’ you to watch films or listen to music. I just think we should all have a basic understanding of culture. I’m so sorry…

I don’t know what it’s, but I just think that certain things have to learned and experienced throughout your adolescent phase. (To be honest, Arctic Monkeys’ Fluorescent Adolescent is a wavy tune pals) I think it’s very important to have a variety of music, literature and filmography in your life and there are a few prime example in my opinion you need to experience.

Literature is a tricky one and want to do a post on it later on. When I have properly calmed down and am able to make a logical blogpost about it. Not that this post is anything near structured and logical, but hey. At least I’m putting in the effort.

So if you know me for a longer period or have met me recently, there are a few things what concerns music. I’m not that person with music that pushes people in the face like : MATE YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC YOU HAVE NOT LIVED YOU NEED TO LISTEN I AM NOT GOING TO REST UNTILL YOU DO OMG I LOVE MUSIC I HAVE AN ORGASM NOW.

No I’m not like that. With music anyways. But what really grinds my gears – don’t you just love that piece of sentence right there? – is the fact that some people haven’t heard of certain pioneers of the music industry. And with music I mean proper music, no techno, dance or other of that sort of shite.

But people, if someone comes to me with these remarks: ‘It’s so cool of Kanye West to give this new artist Paul McCartney a chance.’ Who are the stone roses? Is that Jimi Hendrix guy any good? David Bowie, did he compete in SCD? Led Zeppelin is that the new aircraft from Homeland security?FAM, do you understand real life that is?! Those remarks leave me infertile and I HAVE TO ACT. I have to educate those people, because clearly their family and friends don’t care about that. SMH. *throws chair away*

– short intermezzo, as yours truly has to calm down-

Right, film. I’m quite tolerant. I don’t expect you to have seen Lawrence of Arabia or Becket. If you did see them, you are more than fine. We could be buddies for the length of time we have on this world. But there are two films who are very important to have a healthy relationship with me. I think one film is a film you must have seen, otherwise I need a big conversation with your parents, sibling and friends. The other film you must have heard from, because well it’s British cult personified. Well actually Scottish. Does it ring any bells, lads and lassies?

There a lot of all time classic. I admit that. I don’t need you to see the top-250 as listen on IMDB. But if there’s one film, or trilogy you must have seen: The Godfather. This is the most important piece of film in my opinion. It formed me. It completed me. I seriously understand what you have done from the age 12 if you haven’t seen this. Maybe I’m wrong and I have a fucked up view of the world, but it’s so much better when you have seen The Godfather people.

Probably the most annoying feature about me is this little sentence: Have you seen Trainspotting? YOU NEED TO SEE IT. I will start reciting a particular scene, so people can enjoy my good Scottish accent – AHUMM- and omg, Trainspotting is the best. When I have introduced you to the title of this glorious cult movie, I will ask you every other day if you have seen. In some cases I will go full retard, I will just ‘suggest’ we should hang out and I happen to have that film on me… Yeah sure Marc. Did you know they are filming a sequel? Sweet mother Mary, praise the lord for that.

I’m sorry for the word vomit, there is no other way to describe this. Marc out. *mic drop*